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Shipping, Returns, Exchange, Contact, Back-Orders & Refund Policies: 

Welcome to Ambitious Custom Printing!

Welcome to Ambitious Custom Printing! We place a high value on our Customer's shopping experience, and strive to satisfy and help our Customers in any way that we can! With that said, there are necessary Policies in place that we must firmly operate by, so that we can continue to ensure the future of our company, and remaining in business. All Policies and Operational Techniques are set by and enforced by Ambitious Custom Printing alone, and are subject to change at any time of our choosing. By continuing to use, interact, and/or place a purchase order on this website (, or with our company, you are in Agreement with all Terms and Policies within and for Ambitious Custom Printing. 

All orders placed will have an Estimated Shipping and Delivery date provided for you, based on the availability of the purchased item(s), and the shipping options that you selected during your Checkout Process. All Estimates will be subject to the Shipping Carrier select, and any internal carrier operations processes and/or delays. We provide you with the Custom Made-to-Order Merchandise Products and are not a shipping carrier service. When you pay for the shipping carrier to deliver your online order, you are buying that carrier’s service to bring your items from our business, to your desired delivery location. We will provide you with a quoted estimate shipping period that will vary depending on the previously stated, but not limited to nor bound by, delays, processes, and operations. Ambitious Custom Printing is not, nor will ever be capable of committing to (or be bound to) precise shipping arrival/delivery dates because these elements are operated outside of our Company and therefore we do not have the ability to influence nor control what happens to your order after it leaves our facility to be shipped out for delivery. You must ensure that you have a previously arranged a safe and secure delivery location for your orders. Should Ambitious Custom Printing apply your order's assigned Tracking Number and find that your order tracking data shows that the content of the items have been marked as successfully Delivered by the designated shipping carrier, we are unable to Refund or Replace lost, damaged, stolen items, or any unforeseen circumstances to your order items/packages. Once the order leaves our facility, that is the completion of our Ordering Process and we will not assume responsibility for said items. The actual arrival event and/or time that it takes for an item to deliver or make it to your pre-ordered specified location, will depend not only on the carrier, but also your physical location, security, and accessibility. Please note that the shipping rates may and usually are weight based and are subject to carrier price and policy changes. The weight of any such item can be found on nearly to all product page(s). To reflect the policies of the shipping carriers that we may use, all weights will be rounded up to the next full pound. We cannot guarantee the constant or use of any one specific or carrier company, and we reserve the right to choose which carrier we ship our order item(s) and products with. International Shipping does not come with Tracking and usually takes 1-2 weeks to ship outside of the country, but we are unable to quote a time for any additional shipping time that will be applied to International orders. Please expect International Orders to be subject to Import Inspections and Customs Clearance procedures, and may take additional time to arrive, being subject to the said authority’s operations and decisions. Should you order an item that is Restricted or Refused during their inspection and/or clearance process, we cannot be held responsible and you must verify the items are acceptable prior to ordering. All International Orders are final and are not eligible for Refunds, Exchanges, Return Shipping Labels, Returns, Return to Sender, or any unforeseen events, even if the item does not arrive successfully, or arrives damaged, later than expected, opened, used, stolen or any additional unforeseen events. Should there be any circumstances to any orders after they leave our facility, you can contact the shipping carrier to open an Investigation. The outcome of the Investigation with the shipping carrier does not determine our resolution or liability. You are accepting all risks that come with online ordering and shipping carrier services for delivery. A Customer Service Representative or any other employee or manager cannot alter this policy and can only provide you with the Carrier Contact Information, and nothing further, so you must begin the process of finding or seeking resolution with all others involved in the process that are outside of Ambitious Custom Printing, with those specific companies and/or services. Once item(s) are shipped, their contents, events, circumstances, and liability are out of our control. All International customer orders are subject to and required to pay any/all shipping, fees, tax fees/charges and/or any other balance, that are based upon your country and will be collected upon pickup (charges for tax and fees do not go to us, it is an International Tax they require for purchasing imported/exported goods and/or services, outside of the country. If we were to cover these fees which would be passed through to that country, then we would have to increase our prices to pay for those fees. We have decided that this was not the best solution for our customers overall, because then we would be charging customers who live in a country that do not charge import fees, and this is not something we want to do to our customers. We can ship to most countries Worldwide! Please be aware of your International delivery destination/country's enforced Import Restrictions prior to placing your order and that your ordered items are not on their item restricted imports list, as we do not Refund International Orders.   

Orders will be shipped during Business Days (excluding holidays and unforeseen events). Days such as Saturday, Sunday, and 1 day before Holidays, we are closed and we will continue our Production Process and work on the following Business Day. 

Please be advised that external factors that are beyond our control (for example: holidays, delays, traffic, services, strikes, adverse weather conditions, or any other events that affect any working parts of our production and/or fulfillment network or process), may delay your orders. Ordering a specific item prior, current, or postdate DOES NOT guarantee the desired production and delivery time of your order. Once the item has been prepared for shipment and collected by the shipping carrier, you will usually receive a Tracking Number via email. There may be times that the shipping carrier does not scan their Tracking Data. In this case, the data may appear as if it is still at our facility, but may already be on the way, even if they are having carrier delays due to the volume of packages they deliver. We cannot guarantee the reliability of the Tracking data provided and it is merely a tool to assist tracking data. There may be events that delay the delivery or such tracking data email, and cannot be guaranteed to be provided but we will always do our best to get as much information to you as we can. 

Should your item be ordered and you have found that you have entered incorrect information that will affect the desired and/or correct item(s) and/or delivery or account authorization, you will have up to but no longer than 24 hours from the time that your order was placed, to make any additional revisions and/or cancellations. We cannot guarantee any ability to adjust your order after the said time, of the first 24 hours proceeding your submitted order date and time. We cannot be held liable for any delays and/or wrong item order costs, and you must either place an additional order for a Replacement, or Return the item(s) within the bounds of our Exchange Policy outlined, and any Return Shipping costs must be paid by the customer. In the events that we mistakenly send out a damaged item(s) or wrong/incorrect item(s), we may take responsibility for the costs of a Return Shipping Label, or Replacement item(s), but we cannot guarantee to be bound by either of the said potential resolutions and it is up to Ambitious Custom Printing and company to decide the outcome of such resolution. Should there be any circumstances that affect the usual estimated Order Process, we will always do our best to contact you through one of the forms of contact that you have provided during your Account Registration, Order Placement Process, and/or Email, Phone, Live Chat, or Social Media. If we are unable to successfully reach you due to any misinformation input, changes and updates, and/or lack of receiving, locating, and/or any person(s) who authorized, provided, or were associated or affiliated with any processes involved with the business and/or services provided by Ambitious Custom Printing, we cannot be held responsible for any additional resolution or compensation incurred during these circumstances and/or event. We put forth effort to maintain responses to our customers, but we cannot be held liable for any circumstances, costs or events that are affected by anyone's attempted contact; whether it is successful or unsuccessful. 

Below you will find an outline of our Business Operations Process. Although we strive to complete orders and have them out for delivery before these times, we cannot guarantee any set day(s) length. During the holidays and unforeseen events, operation times will be extended. We are unable to guarantee exact days, as all are estimates but we will always work as productive, quickly, and with quality techniques, as we possibly can. You may experience delays with carriers as well, and we are unable to promise updated information regarding your orders in transit, as we at Ambitious Custom Printing are subject to a limited amount of data for Tracking shipments, as our customers are. While we are aware that this can be frustrating at times, or cause an inconvenience, we cannot guarantee a resolution or additional information that we do not have. The same said Terms apply to any items that we may run out of and/or are back-ordered. We can provide an estimate for back-ordered items to be within the possession of our Production Facility, and begin the Production Process, but we do not agree to be bound by exact dates. We may be open to discussing alternative items to replace the items that are on back-order, but this is not a guaranteed offer, nor can we provide this solution once the back-ordered item has already begun the Production Process. All Items that are on back-orders will begin the Production Process immediately upon arrival to our facility, and may ship separately from your original order. We cannot be held liable for any damages incurred while you are waiting for back-ordered item(s) to successfully complete our Ordering Process. We will always do our best in notifying you that your item(s) have been placed on back-order but because we print based upon orders received, we sometimes are subject to manufacture delays of delivered products for us to Process. If we are unable to notify you in a timely manner regarding your back-ordered or previously stated circumstances, we cannot be held accountable for any additional resolution than sending the actual item(s). Should the rare circumstance occur where we are permanently unable to fulfill any item(s), we will discuss said items on a case-by-case basis and will at that time either provide a Refund or Replacement Item of equal or lesser value. Any item that you select in the previously stated circumstance, that is of greater value of the original item(s), you will be responsible for the additional costs and will either be invoiced or your previous form method of payment will be charged. We do charge a 20% Restocking Fee for any Returns that we process, including Exchanges. When said Terms and circumstances are in occurrence, you will agree to a one-time payment of the balance difference. We do not agree to be bound by any obligation to additional financial, merchandise, or any other form of liability, payment, or compensation. By continuing to shop and/or use our site and/or services, you are waiving all legal and lawful rights to compensation or resolution. 

Order Processing Times: When you make a payment for your order, it can take 2-4 Business Days (Processing times will vary depending on banking operations, holidays, delays, and/or unforeseen events) to Process that payment and be released to us, and after it is released, we then begin our Production Process.

Production Process: 7 Business Days (All items are Custom Printed and/or Stitched for our Creator's Fans/Customers on a Made-to-Order basis. We do not have items pre-printed and stored, therefore Production Times may be slightly longer than other businesses, as we manufacture and print based on the orders received.  

Estimated Shipping Times: 7-10 Business Days (excluding Holidays and any event that may interfere with the usual delivery process). ALL INTERNATIONAL CUSTOMERS ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY CUSTOMS FEES THAT MAY OCCUR. Sometimes depending on the country and the amount of your order  you will have a customs charge upon delivery. Please note international orders can take up to and estimated 30 days from ship date for delivery. 

Customized Products are not eligible for Returns, Exchanges, or Refunds. All sales on Customized Products are final. Customized Products include, but are not limited to: Any Heat Application, Screen Printing, Embroidery, or Custom Ordered Apparel. Production errors or product defects will be addressed on a case-by-case basis. There are external factors such as washing and drying technique, ironing, treatments, maintenance, atmosphere, activities, and unforeseen conditions that we cannot be held liable for that can affect your item(s), and any Agreement to replace an item(s) will be at the choice of Ambitious Custom Printing and on a case-by-case basis. 

Washing Instructions: Always wash all clothing items inside out, in cold water, on the gentle cycle, and air dry.

Please contact us if there are any circumstances that are not covered within these Policies and Terms, and need assistance. You can reach our Customer Support at, and response times may vary. Sending multiple messages will increase the time that it will take a representative to respond to yours and other's messages so please limit your contact attempt to 1-2 attempts, and we will always do our best to respond. We reserve the right to refuse service to any customer that we deem as publicly or directly commented, posted, tweeted, etc, their communication and resolution efforts, in a way that could be harmful to our brand and/or the Creator Partnerships that we create for. Additionally, we may also block such communications with any customer under these circumstances, and may cancel any order in progress, or future orders. We have been subject to public scrutiny for circumstances that were out of our control or were at no fault of our company's operations/production, so this Policy is to protect our company and our Brands. We aim to be a positive, efficient, and reasonable with our customers when possible. 

Please contact ACP directly for assistance (as we make and handle all merchandise), and refrain from contacting the actual Brand Creator, as public messages affect their reputation and brand that they work very hard to create, maintain and bring to you! We head up all Customer Service and merchandise for our Creators. We love what we do here at ACP and we will always work as much as possible on our processes and operations to enhance the customer experience with ACP. We are always open to receiving and evaluating any suggestions, inquiries and/or updates. We are grateful and value every Brand, Person(s), Companies, Service(s) and Interaction that we encounter and let's make some great memories! 



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